The landing site for Trackr Services

Trackr.Live Services

Welcome to the landing site for Trackr.Live.  As more services are brought online, they will be listed here.

  • – DoD Cyber Security Compliance requirements present an ever-changing target that needs constant management. Simplify your compliance processes with the latest DISA and NIST security requirements in an easy to use and searchable format.
  • – A Web Based Text Diff Engine based on Google’s text diff algorithms and the Bootstrap front-end framework.
  • – An awesome in browser image editor service provided by
  • – This lets you browse multiple web sites in a single customizable web portal.
  • – This is a news aggregator that lets you select the spectrum of news sources to pull from.
  • – Learn, Built, Test and Analyze your regular expressions with the Regexr Tool.
  • – Play and Solve Sudoku Puzzles.